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Events Recap
Visit ‘The Recap’ for summaries, videos, and photos of our world-class events. Read More »
SAIS Europe Seminars
Sciences-Po Professor Marc Lazar joined SAIS Europe to discuss “Macron One Year After: A Political Big Bang for France and EU?” Read More »
SAIS Snapshot
Visit ‘SAIS Snapshot’ to learn more about life at Johns Hopkins SAIS from profiles on the school's community to beyond the classroom learning experiences. Read More »
Johns Hopkins Catalyst Award
Assistant Professor of International Development Daniel Honig is among the distinguished group of Johns Hopkins faculty who has been honored with 2018 Catalyst Awards. Read More »
News: U.S.-North Korea Summit
Executive Director of Johns Hopkins SAIS Foreign Policy Institute, Carla Freeman, spoke to Quartz about what outcomes she would prefer to see from the U.S.-North Korea Summit. Read More »
News: China and International Order
In his latest column for Bloomberg News, Johns Hopkins SAIS Kissinger Center Professor Hal Brands looked at China’s intensifying efforts to remake the international institutional order. Read More »
News: U.S.-Canadian Trade Feud
In The Wall Street Journal, Director of Conflict Management Daniel Serwer commented on how allies perceive the U.S. following President Trump’s criticisms of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the global trading system during the G-7 summit. Read More »
Reports: U.S.-North Korea Summit
In his latest article for OZY, Professor John McLaughlin assessed the outcomes of the June 12 U.S-North Korea Summit. Read More »