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Trump's travel ban: A political play to the president's base?  Foreign Policy Institute Senior Fellow Afshin Molavi on The Heat, CGTV
Military superiority: More than meets the eye, Associate Director of Strategic Studies Mara Karlin in War on the Rocks
Why U.S. elections are so vulnerable to Russian hacking, Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence John McLaughlin in OZY
What a political alliance between two Iraq War-era militia leaders means for the U.S., Dean Vali Nasr on PBS Frontline
Second time's the charm for rocky Argentina-IMF relationship, Director of the Latin American Studies Program Monica de Bolle in The Hill


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Events Recap
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News: U.S.-Iran Relations
SAIS Europe Professor, Sanam Vakil, discussed the growing tensions in Iran as the US continues to pressure Tehran. Read More »
SAIS Snapshot
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Mancur Olson Award
Assistant Professor of International Political Economy, Pavithra Suryanarayan, is the recipient of the 2018 Mancur Olson Award. Read More »
News: Syria
Director of Conflict Management, Daniel Serwer, talked to the Daily Beast on who stands to gain if the U.S. pulls out of Syria. Read More »
News: Mexico's New President
Director of Canadian Studies, Christopher Sands, joined Wharton Business Radio to discuss the election of Mexico's new president and how it will impact U.S.-Mexico relations. Read More »
News: Fragile States
Associate Director of Strategic Studies, Mara Karlin, joined Defense One Radio to talk about three uncomfortable questions the Pentagon must ask before helping a fragile state. Read More »
News: Russian Indictments
In an article for Politico Magazine, Professor Thomas Rid offers a close read of Robert Mueller's Russia indictments and how President Trump's comments on the "DNC server" defy logic. Read More »