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Events Recap
Visit ‘The Recap’ for summaries, videos, and photos of our world-class events. Read More »
SAIS Europe Seminars
Evi Pappa, European University Institute, Italy, discussed “Sentimental Business Cycles” at SAIS Europe on April 16. Read More »
SAIS Snapshot
Visit ‘SAIS Snapshot’ to learn more about life at Johns Hopkins SAIS from profiles on the school's community to beyond the classroom learning experiences. Read More »
International Human Rights Clinic Report
The school's International Human Rights Clinic has published a new report examining the Intersection of Women's Rights and HIV/AIDS in Uganda. Read More »
News: U.S. Foreign Policy
In his latest article for The Atlantic, Director of Johns Hopkins SAIS Strategic Studies Eliot Cohen argued that the foreign policy “blob” had valid points about U.S. mistakes abroad which have been dismissed by the Trump and Obama administrations. Read More »
News: Opening of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem
Director of Johns Hopkins SAIS Conflict Management Daniel Serwer joined CGTN to weigh in on the clashes in Gaza following the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. Read More »
News: Crisis in Argentina
Johns Hopkins SAIS Practitioner in Residence Monica de Bolle spoke with The Washington Post about Argentina's economic challenges under the country's current and past presidents. Read More »
News: U.S.-Russia Relations
Johns Hopkins SAIS Kissinger Center Scholar Mary Elise Sarotte has written a book review in the Financial Times on Michael McFaul’s new memoir "From Cold War to Hot Peace" on U.S.-Russia relations. Read More »