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Join us this summer in Washington and experience international affairs.

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We welcome current and visiting Johns Hopkins SAIS students to join us this summer in Washington, DC and experience international affairs at one of the world's leading graduate schools. Summer courses provide students with the opportunity to explore the world of international relations and enhance their topical, theoretical and practical knowledge of global issues.

Program Dates: June 4 - July 26, 2018

Mountain View

Summer Courses in Washington, DC

Structured for the working professional, SAIS offers a full
range of summer courses in topics from international
relations to policy studies to conflict management.
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Mountain View


Designed to help students gain academic credentials
without pursuing a full degree, a SAIS certificate can be
earned in as few as six months.
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Mountain View

Summer Language Institute

SAIS’ Summer Language Institute offers intensive evening
courses taught in Arabic, Chinese and Russian from novice
to advanced levels.
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Summer 2018 Courses

June 4 - July 26, 2018

Please note: the most updated course information can be found on the Student Information System (SIS). When searching for courses, please be sure to select "Nitze School of Advanced International Studies" and the "Washington DC" campus location.

Washington DC Summer Courses:

  • American Foreign Policy Since WWII
  • Behavioral Sociology of Conflict
  • Comparative Politics
  • East Asian Security
  • Econometrics
  • Energy, Environment and Development in Developing Countries
  • International Financial Markets
  • International Monetary Theory
  • International Political Economy of Emerging Markets
  • International Trade Theory
  • Introduction to Economic Development
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Politics & Risks: Countries, Policies and Institutions
  • Practical Research Methods for Development
  • Principles and Practices of Conflict Management
  • Statistical Methods for Business and Economics
  • Theories of International Relations

Please note that the information above is subject to change. Continue to visit this website for additional updates and information.


Certificates are designed to help students and professionals gain academic credentials without pursuing a full degree as they advance their careers. The Certificate in International Studies, the Certificate in International Development and the Certificate in International Economics are offered to candidates who successfully complete a series of four non-language courses. Students can earn a certificate in as few as six months or over two summers by working at a rigorous pace or can opt to complete the certificate over an extended period of time across several terms.

To learn more about Johns Hopkins SAIS certificate programs, please CLICK HERE.

Summer Language Institute

The Summer Language Institute provides intensive language courses emphasizing political, economic and international topics. Courses are offered in various skill levels based on student language abilities.

ArabicChinese, and Russian are offered at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels three evenings a week: M, W, Th, from 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. 

Students will be required to take a placement test at the beginning of the course to assess their language competency and will be assigned to a class that fits their ability. 

Please note that the information above is subject to change. Continue to visit this website for additional updates and information.

Application Open February 2018
Application Deadline May 4
Tuition Due May 15
Late Application Deadline May 31
M/W and Language Classes Start June 4
T/TH Classes Start June 5
Add/Drop Deadline June 8
Deadline to change from credit to audit June 22
Independence Day - No classes held July 4
Last day to Withdraw without a failing grade July 6
Deadline to change from audit to credit July 20
Exam Week July 23
Classes End July 26
Grades Due August 3


Please note that the above information is subject to change. Continue to visit this Web site for additional updates and information.

Summer 2018 Tuition Rates

Non-Language Tuition (per course)  $3,900
Summer Language Institute   $2,700

Alumni Fellowship
Johns Hopkins SAIS degree-program alumni and those who have completed a full-time, Johns Hopkins SAIS-affiliated program, including the SAIS Europe Diploma and the Hopkins-Nanjing Center for Chinese and American Studies Certificate, receive a 30% tuition fellowship on all summer courses. Johns Hopkins SAIS employees must use their tuition remission benefits before they can take advantage of this discount. Those who are continuing at Johns Hopkins SAIS in a degree program are not eligible for this discount. Non-degree courses taken with this alumni fellowship may not be applied to an additional Johns Hopkins SAIS degree program.

Application Fee: $50. This fee is required of first-time non-degree and certificate applicants only.
Late Fee: $35. Applications and registrations must include this fee if postmarked after the May 4, 2018 application deadline for all summer courses. First-time non-degree applicants who apply late must submit a total payment of $85.

Fees can be paid online by credit card during the application process. Those who cannot complete payment online should send a check, money order or cashier’s check made payable to Johns Hopkins SAIS to the Office of Summer Programs.

Washington, DC Sample Student Budget
Students coming to the school from abroad or elsewhere in the United States to enroll in the Summer Programs should have approximately $8,000 available to cover the cost of tuition, fees, books, room and board and personal expenses. This estimate does not include travel or health care costs. The following is a sample budget:

Tuition (per course)  $2,700-$7,800
Application Fee (late) $50 ($85)
Room and Board  $3,300
Books and Supplies  $100-$330
Personal Expenses $660
Total -- 1 course $7,950 - $8,150

Incoming degree students should note that the University Student Health Insurance Plan will not provide coverage until August 15. Students are responsible for finding and/or maintaining their own health insurance coverage during the summer program.

Payment Procedures 
Payment in full is required for all programs no later than May 15, 2018. Tuition payments should be made electronically via Payment can also be mailed or made in person to the Office of Summer Programs. The school accepts MasterCard and VISA as well as checks, money orders and cashier's checks made payable to Johns Hopkins University-SAIS. No cash payments will be accepted. For bank wire transfer information, contact the SAIS Business Office at 202.663.5661.

The school will drop students from courses they are registered in if payment has not been received by the May 15th deadline. If students wish to re-enroll in these courses, they will be responsible for paying the late registration fee. Students who have been dropped for failure to pay tuition, but who attend class without re-enrolling, will be held responsible for the tuition charges and the appropriate late fee and may receive a failing grade for the course.

Tuition is refundable only when the student submits an Add/Drop form to the Office of Summer Programs during the Add/Drop period. Please note that the application fee and 10% deposit on tuition are non-refundable. Refund amounts will be determined by the date and time the form is submitted according to the schedule listed below.

  • Before 2pm on June 11: 90%
  • Between 2pm on June 12 and 2pm on June 13: 50%
  • After 2pm on June 13: No tuition will be refunded

Course Cancellations 
For a course to be offered, a minimum of six students must be registered. The school reserves the right to cancel a course that does not meet minimum enrollment requirements. To check the status of canceled courses, please refer to this website. Any tuition charges, including the 10 percent deposit, will be refunded if the school cancels a course.

Please note that the information above is subject to change.  Continue to visit this website for additional updates and information.

Enrolled students who wish to drop or add a course may do so by submitting an Add/Drop Form to the Office of Summer Programs no later than Friday, June 8, 2018.

Admission to any of the Summer Programs is entirely independent from degree-program admission and in no way implies acceptance to a Johns Hopkins SAIS degree program. Application to a degree program is a separate and distinct process. Those who apply and are accepted into the MA program can receive credit for up to four non-language courses taken on a non-degree basis. For the MIPP or PhD programs, credit can be given for up to two non-language courses.

Changing Credit to Audit 
Summer students may audit courses by following the standard admission/registration procedures and submit a Credit to Audit form to the Registrar's Office by Friday, June 22nd. Permission of the instructor is required; some professors or language coordinators may not allow audits. Auditors must pay full tutition, attend class regularly and fulfill any additional requirements as specified by the instructor. Once changed from credit status to audit, the registration status cannot be reverted to credit.

Changing Audit to Credit
Students who wish to change the status of a course from audit to credit must submit a Change to Credit form to the Registrar's Office no later than Friday, July 20th. Permission of the instructor is required. The professor's approval will depend on the student's regular class attendance and fulfillment of all course requirements. The student must then complete the final examination and/or term paper(s). Once changed to credit, the registration status cannot be reverted to audit. Successfully audited courses will appear on the school transcript with "AU" and no letter grade or course credit is earned. Candidates for certificates may not apply audited courses toward a certificate.

Conditional Acceptance
Certain applicants may be granted conditional acceptance to the Summer Programs. The specific circumstances of the condition will be detailed in the applicant's acceptance letter. Students who have not met the condition of their acceptance or have not made alternate arrangements by the end of the Summer Programs will receive a failing grade of "F" for the courses in which they are registered.

Course Cancellations 
For a non-language course to be offered, a minimum of six students must be registered; for a language course, a minimum of five students must be registered. The school reserves the right to cancel a course that does not meet the minimum enrollment requirements. To check the status of canceled courses, contact the Office of Summer Programs. Any tuition payments, including the 10 percent per course deposit, will be refunded if the school cancels a course. 

Course Load 
Due to the intensive nature of the Summer Programs, students may enroll in a maximum of two non-language courses or one language course. Taking two non-language classes is considered a full load and requires a substantial time commitment. Because of the condensed format of the summer term, class attendance is mandatory for all students.

Disabilities Services 
Students with a documented disability who require accommodations or those who wish to inquire about accommodations should contact the Office of Student Life via e-mail, phone at 202.663.5705 or in person in the Nitze Building, Room 504. Students seeking special accommodations must submit the appropriate documentation at least two weeks prior to the date they would like their accommodations to begin.

Economics Pre-Requisites and Waiver Exams 
Students must successfully complete any prerequisites for a course, as described under the course description, prior to the start of the Summer Programs. Successful completion is defined as a minimum grade of "B-." In addition, applicants to International Trade Theory or International Monetary Theory must pass the school's online waiver exam in Microeconomics or Macroeconomics if the prerequisite course was not completed at Johns Hopkins SAIS. These exams can be taken online through coordination with the International Economics Department. Applicants may attempt each exam only once. To register, contact

The highest grade given at the school is "A", a grade of "C" or higher is considered passing. A failing grade of "D" cannot be replaced or removed from a student's transcript. A course with a failing grade does not count toward a Johns Hopkins SAIS Certificate. Non-degree students who receive a failing grade are not eligible to take additional course work at the school. A student may choose to appeal this decision to the Office of Summer Programs, and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will make the final determination. At that time, the student may be required to pay full tuition and take the course again or may be dismissed from taking any additional courses at the school.

In limited cases, a grade of "I" for incomplete may be given by the professor at the end of the summer term. Summer session students must submit all required work by the end of the eighth week of the fall semester. After that point, no grade higher than "B+" will be assigned in a course where an incomplete has been allowed, except when extenuating, documented circumstances such as prolonged serious illness have occurred. The incomplete will automatically become a failing grade of "D" on the last day of classes of the fall semester, if the grade has not been turned in by that time. The instructor has authority to set deadlines and the discretion not to grant an incomplete. A signed contract outlining these deadlines and conditions will be required for any student who is granted an incomplete.

Honor Code 
Enrollment in the Summer Programs obligates students to conduct all activities in accordance with the rules and spirit of the school’s Honor Code. All examinations at the school are given under the Honor Code. Violations of the Honor Code will result in a failing grade of "F" that cannot be removed from a student's record. The Honor Code is detailed in The Red Book: Academic Procedures Manual and Information.

Late Applications and Registrations 
Late applications and registrations are welcome on a space-available basis until Thursday, May 31, 2018. Enrollment cannot be guaranteed to those who submit late applications. There is a $35 late fee for applications and registrations received after the May 4th deadline.

Transferring Courses 
Credits for courses taken in the Summer Programs can be transferred to many other graduate schools, including the full-time degree programs. Check with individual schools for their transfer credit policies.

TOEFL Exemption Criteria
If English is not your native language, (or in the case of bilingual students, your dominant language is not English) but you hold an undergraduate degree granted by an accredited institution in a country where English is an official language and where English is the language of instruction, than you will not be required to submit an English competency exam.

If English is not your native language, (or in the case of bilingual students, your dominant language is not English) but you hold a graduate degree granted by an accredited institution in a country where English is an official language and where English is the language of instruction, then you will need the approval of the Office of Admissions to be exempt from submitting an English competency exam. Please contact the Office of Admissions for more information.

To withdraw from a course after the add/drop deadline of June 8, 2018, students must submit a Withdrawal form to the Office of Summer Programs no later than July 6, 2018.  Withdrawing from a course means that a "W" will be placed on a student's transcript. Students who do not complete a course for which they are registered, and who have not officially withdrawn, will receive a failing grade of "D" for that course and will not be eligible to take additional coursework at the school. No refunds are given for withdrawals or failures

Schedule and Room Information
Course room location and building will be posted on the course details section here.

Johns Hopkins SAIS Buildings 
Nitze Building – 1740 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Rome Building – 1619 Massachusetts Avenue NW
BOB/Bernstein-Offit Building – 1717 Massachusetts Avenue NW

Monday/Wednesday courses begin on Monday, June 4, 2018
Tuesday/Thursday courses begin on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Academic Technology
The Service Desk: The SAIS Service Desk is the campus's computing services help desk, offering technical support to students, faculty and staff.  This service is available to all summer students who have questions about their JHED ID, school email account, classroom wi-fi connections, and other technology related issues.  The SAIS Helpdesk can be reached via e-mail, or phone; internally at x4357 and externally at 202.663.5671.

Blackboard (Bb): Every course has a companion website in Bb, accessible with a JHED ID and password.  Each course site includes a link to ERes and a copy of the course syllabus.  Students can access Bb through the link in the SAIS web portal or by going to 

Student ID Cards (J-Cards) (DC Only): If you have not yet provided a photo, please go to Nitze 418 before 5:00 pm during the first week of classes to have your picture taken and J-Card printed.


Participants are responsible for finding their own living accommodations in the Washington, DC area. The school has no residential facilities. Neighborhoods in nearby Maryland and Virginia are conveniently accessible by public transportation. Accepted summer students who have paid their deposit are eligible to receive access to an internal Johns Hopkins SAIS website with additional housing postings.

Student Visas

Applicants applying for a visa should apply for admission to Johns Hopkins SAIS Summer Programs as early as possible due to delays in visa issuance at US consulates. Student visa requests will be processed only for students who have been accepted to the Summer Programs for two Summer Courses or one Summer Language Institute course. Completed visa requests must be received at Johns Hopkins SAIS at least three weeks prior to the start of the summer program. International students who are currently in the United States may be legally permitted to take courses at the school depending on the parameters of their current immigration status. Contact International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) at 202.663.5672 with any questions.

Textbooks: The school does not have an in-house bookstore.  Students can purchase their textbooks through external vendors or our online provider, MBS Direct. Some professors may not require you to buy textbooks, as they have prepared readings for you.  They may also be using ERes (Electronic Reserves) where you can access some of your readings online through the school's library.  You can access your course's ERes site through Blackboard.


Applicants for all Summer Programs should have at least a “B” average in their previous studies. All applicants for non-language courses must have completed an undergraduate degree or should be entering their final year of undergraduate study in the fall of 2018. Applicants for the Summer Language Institute in DC must have completed a minimum of one year of undergraduate studies prior to the start of the Summer Programs. All of the school's courses are conducted at the graduate level and participants are expected to perform at this level.

Apply now for Summer 2018:
Certificate Student Summer Application
For new and returning certificate students taking summer courses

Non-Degree Student Summer Application 
For new and returning non-degree students taking summer courses

SAIS Degree Student Summer Registration
For current SAIS degree students taking summer courses

Required Application Materials:
First-Time Applicants

  • Online Non-Degree Application
  • Official transcripts from all degree-granting institutions (must be officially translated if not in English)
  • One-page personal statement describing your background, motivation and goals for taking the course
  • Current CV or resume
  • TOEFL score of 100+ (IBT) if English is a second language (see Policies tab for exemption criteria)
  • Application fee of $50 (applications submitted after May 4, 2018 will be assessed a $35 late fee)

Alumni, Returning Non-Degree Students & JHU Affiliates

  • Online Non-Degree Application (applications submitted after May 4, 2018 will be assessed a $35 late fee)

Mail or hand-deliver all application materials to: 
The Johns Hopkins University
The Paul H. Nitze School
of Advanced International Studies
Office of Non-Degree Programs, Nitze 403
1740 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036 USA

Admissions Decisions & Deposits

  • Application materials will be processed as soon as they are received. Applications will only be processed after all supporting documentation is received. For first-time, non-degree students, written notification will be mailed within two weeks of receipt of completed application.
  • If admitted, a 10 percent non-refundable deposit for each course (to be credited toward tuition) must be submitted. This deposit will only be refunded if a course is canceled.
  • Full payment is due by May 15, 2018. For those who apply after this date, full payment is due upon acceptance. A registration confirmation will be issued upon full payment of tuition.

Admission to Johns Hopkins SAIS Non-Degree Programs is entirely independent from degree program admission and in no way implies acceptance to a Johns Hopkins SAIS degree program. Students interested in applying to a full-time degree program should consult the Office of Admissions by e-mail to or phone at 202.663.5700.

Johns Hopkins University is committed to recruiting, supporting and fostering a diverse community of outstanding faculty, staff and students. As such, Johns Hopkins does not discriminate on the basis of gender, marital status, pregnancy, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status or other legally protected characteristic in any student program or activity administered by the university or with regard to admission or employment.  

Questions regarding Title VI, Title IX, and Section 504 should be referred to the Office of Institutional Equity, Wyman Park Building, Suite 515, 3400 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, Md. 21218, Telephone: 410.516.8075, TTY: 410.516.6225.

To contact us, please email or call 202.663.5671. 

Johns Hopkins SAIS
Office of Non-Degree Programs, Room 403
1740 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036